Week 3, 2040

played in San Francisco, CA

73 degrees, fair, 5 mph wind

Chicago Bears710217-45
San Francisco 49ers14708-29

Scoring Summary
1Q: 09:23 SFO - Troy Olmstead 5 run (Jessie Whiting extra point)
1Q: 05:59 SFO - Tommie Joyner 37 pass from Joe Rayford (Jessie Whiting extra point)
1Q: 02:27 CHI - Colin Guthrie 11 pass from Adrian Stadler (Erik Harpold extra point)
2Q: 14:19 SFO - Tommie Joyner 9 pass from Joe Rayford (Jessie Whiting extra point)
2Q: 09:24 CHI - Angel Wiggins 9 pass from Adrian Stadler (Erik Harpold extra point)
2Q: 00:17 CHI - Erik Harpold 23 field goal
3Q: 10:33 CHI - Colin Guthrie 7 pass from Adrian Stadler (Erik Harpold extra point)
3Q: 06:27 CHI - Manuel Ballard 5 pass from Adrian Stadler (Erik Harpold extra point)
3Q: 00:59 CHI - Manuel Ballard 18 pass from Adrian Stadler (Erik Harpold extra point)
4Q: 09:24 CHI - Marquis Stephens 86 punt return (Erik Harpold extra point)
4Q: 04:43 SFO - Jimmy Lane 5 pass from Joe Rayford (Joe Rayford pass to Tommie Joyner for conversion)

Team StatisticsCHISFO
First Downs2522
- by Rushing83
- by Passing1716
- by Penalty03
Total Net Yards474341
- Offensive Plays6760
- Yards per Play7.075.68
Net Rushing Yards12369
- Rushing Attempts2916
- Yards per Rush4.244.31
Net Passing Yards351272
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt38 - 31 - 042 - 27 - 1
- Gross Passing Yards351290
- Sacks/Yards Lost0/02/18
- Yards per Pass Play9.246.18
3rd Down Conversions6/122/11
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down6.38.9
4th Down Conversions0/02/3
Punt Returns/Yards2/810/0
Kick Returns/Yards2/405/138
Interception Ret./Yards1/00/0
2pt Conversions0/01/1
Red Zone Visits64
- Red Zone TDs/FGs5/13/0
Avg. Drive StartOWN 23OWN 30
Time of Possession34:5825:02

Drive Charts

Chicago Bears
113:051:25OWN 1430Punt
19:131:23OWN 2536Punt
15:403:20OWN 30670Touchdown
214:094:56OWN 25975Touchdown
26:552:18OWN 3537Punt
23:032:53OWN 161078Field Goal
315:004:33OWN 31869Touchdown
38:262:06OPP 49549Touchdown
34:453:56OWN 29871Touchdown
414:153:42OWN 1718Punt
41:301:30OWN 5516Game
San Francisco 49ers
115:001:55OWN 2534Punt
111:402:27OPP 48648Touchdown
17:502:10OWN 37463Touchdown
12:203:11OWN 18682Touchdown
29:132:18OWN 936Punt
24:371:34OWN 1335Punt
20:100:10OWN 31113Half
310:272:01OWN 19316Interception
36:201:35OWN 3632Punt
30:491:34OWN 2536Punt
410:331:20OWN 3634Punt
49:134:40OWN 461054Touchdown
44:262:56OWN 461249Downs

Game MVP: Adrian Stadler, Chicago Bears

Rushing Statistics

Marvin Roche21833.951420
Earnest Mills3134.33900
Adrian Stadler273.50800
Todd Andreou284.00500
Manuel Ballard11212.001210
San FranciscoAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Joe Rayford8384.75800
Lamar Burroughs4205.00900
Troy Olmstead4112.75501

Passing Statistics

Adrian Stadler38313510/05340144.7
San FranciscoAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Joe Rayford42272902/18337198.3

Receiving Statistics

WR Manuel Ballard101315815.8092342
WR Colin Guthrie668013.3352322
TE Greg Benson45102.50060
TE Richie Gatti354515.0019230
WR Clyde Price333110.3315130
WR Don Anderson2294.50060
RB Earnest Mills1166.00060
TE Angel Wiggins1299.00191
RB Marvin Roche1133.00030
San FranciscoCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
WR Jimmy Lane911819.0016211
TE Ivan Sanford6116510.835190
WR Tommie Joyner496416.000372
RB Troy Olmstead457017.5048330
RB Lamar Burroughs2210.50030
TE Ty Winters1277.00670
WR Gabe Gilmore1122.00420
TE Raymond Gerhardt0100.00000

Interception Statistics

S Chase Monaghan100.000
San FranciscoIntsYardsAvgTD

Fumble Statistics

Todd Andreou1000
Oliver Mulcahy0100
San FranciscoFumbRecovForceTD
Rufus Torres0010

Punting Statistics

Harold Stokes414035.035.0380
San FranciscoPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Dominic Taylor630350.543.7682

Kicking Statistics

Erik Harpold1/10/00/0236/6
San FranciscoFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Jessie Whiting0/00/00/003/3

Punt Return Statistics

Marquis Stephens28140.51
San FranciscoRetYardsAvgTD

Kick Return Statistics

Todd Andreou24020.00
San FranciscoRetYardsAvgTD
Van Jessup513827.60

Defensive Statistics

OLB Chester Harlan620.01436
S Chase Monaghan530.01644
ILB Ron Howry520.01332
DE Barry Rose402.01125
S Kaden Rice420.01028
CB Aidan Newhart410.01542
CB Marquis Stephens400.01644
ILB Moe Franz220.0310
OLB Rich Sanderson210.0716
CB Giovanni Nathan110.0718
OLB Oliver Mulcahy100.0214
DE Ezra Bohdanowicz100.0414
DT Amos Wells100.01233
S Damien Markel100.0616
San FranciscoTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
S Erick Blair1020.02938
ILB Terrence Freeman620.01515
CB Keith Brownell600.01523
OLB Johnny Watkins550.02827
S Reggie Tatum410.02521
CB Sam Glover410.02836
CB Dakota Pickus400.01518
DT Devon Lindsay320.02530
OLB Ed Collier310.01927
ILB Evan McGeorge310.01219
ILB Trevor Laster110.037
CB Kelly Froese110.01720
DE DeAndre Segui100.02125
OLB Rusty Gonser100.0513
TE Raymond Gerhardt10---------
DE Malik Wheatley100.01518
DT Lamont Francis100.02329
DE Cody Ruschak010.01014

Pass Rush Statistics

DE Barry Rose2.000025
DE Peter O'Neal0.002036
OLB Chester Harlan0.001036
San FranciscoSackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
DE Cody Ruschak0.010014
DE Malik Wheatley0.001218
DT Lamont Francis0.001129
DE DeAndre Segui0.001025

Pass Defense Statistics

CB Aidan Newhart51042
OLB Chester Harlan50036
CB Marquis Stephens42044
S Chase Monaghan33144
ILB Ron Howry32032
S Kaden Rice20028
CB Giovanni Nathan11018
OLB Oliver Mulcahy10014
DE Barry Rose10025
DT Amos Wells10033
OLB Rich Sanderson10016
San FranciscoCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
OLB Johnny Watkins51027
CB Keith Brownell51023
S Erick Blair50038
ILB Terrence Freeman40015
CB Sam Glover21036
S Reggie Tatum20021
CB Dakota Pickus20018
OLB Ed Collier20027
S Frederick Doyle10017
OLB Rusty Gonser10013
DT Devon Lindsay10030
ILB Evan McGeorge10019

Blocking Statistics

Elias Hickman78029038
Braden Blackburn35029038
Randal Wilcox15029038
J.R. Taylor14029038
Tony Murray14029038
Richie Gatti11022026
San FranciscoKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
Alfred Harding13016144
Andrew Manuwai12016044
Jack Fox11016044
Manuel Gilmore02016144
Rufus Torres02016044

Special Teams Tackles

Braden Blackburn213
Edwin Barber120
Damien Markel119
Richie Gatti113
San FranciscoTacklesSTPlays
Rufus Torres211
Keith Brownell111


ChicagoRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Braden Blackburn2938------1380
Elias Hickman2938---------67
Manuel Ballard2938---------67
J.R. Taylor2938---------67
Tony Murray2938---------67
Randal Wilcox2938---------67
Adrian Stadler2938---------67
Marquis Stephens------1644666
Aidan Newhart------1542764
Richie Gatti2226------1361
Chase Monaghan------1644---60
Colin Guthrie2530---------55
Amos Wells------1233651
Marvin Roche2224------551
Chester Harlan------1436---50
Peter O'Neal------1436---50
Ron Howry------1332---45
Clyde Price1920------544
Angel Wiggins813------2344
T.J. Fisher------1033---43
Damien Markel------6161941
Oliver Mulcahy------2142339
Kaden Rice------1028---38
Todd Andreou67------2437
Barry Rose------1125---36
Erick Stevely------1022---32
Gustavo Wallace------3111832
Earnest Mills59------1428
Giovanni Nathan------718---25
Edwin Barber04------2024
Ezra Bohdanowicz------414624
Greg Benson915---------24
Rich Sanderson------716---23
Don Anderson04------1317
Moe Franz------310---13
Henry Crane------011112
Mad Dog Money------39---12
Erik Harpold00------99
Lewis Stevens00------55
Santiago Martin00------55
Rod Hiler00------55
Gavin Layton00------55
Harold Stokes00------55
Albert Lavender00------44
Billy McElreath00---------0
Chance Thomas------00---0
San FranciscoRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Sam Glover------28361882
Rufus Torres1644------1171
Ed Collier------19272369
Erick Blair------2938168
Jack Fox1644------666
Andrew Manuwai1644------666
Manuel Gilmore1644------666
Joe Rayford1644---------60
Alfred Harding1644---------60
Jimmy Lane1537------557
Troy Olmstead925------2357
Johnny Watkins------2827156
Devon Lindsay------2530---55
Ivan Sanford1342---------55
Lamont Francis------2329153
Dakota Pickus------15181851
Lamar Burroughs928------1350
Kelly Froese------17201249
Keith Brownell------15231149
Reggie Tatum------2521---46
DeAndre Segui------2125---46
Tommie Joyner1431---------45
Malik Wheatley------1518134
Gabe Gilmore924---------33
Raymond Gerhardt18------2332
Terrence Freeman------1515131
Evan McGeorge------1219---31
Cody Ruschak------1014428
Abraham Hanks38------1728
Ron Stermer------917127
Trevor Laster------371323
Frederick Doyle------417122
Ty Winters614---------20
Rusty Gonser------513---18
Van Jessup13------1317
Bryson Scully------14510
J.R. Terrell00------77
Keegan Bidney00------66
Dominic Taylor00------66
Warren Hudson00------66
Jessie Whiting00------55
Aaron Pinner00---------0
Craig Berry00---------0
Chester Duncan00---------0
Riddick Crawford00---------0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

Adrian Stadler38317003330
San FranciscoAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Joe Rayford42274029301

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)19161517.9
Medium (9-18 Yds)858110.1
Long (19+ Yds)0000.0
Short (0-8 Yds)18141357.5
Medium (9-18 Yds)169996.2
Long (19+ Yds)62569.3

Detailed Receiving Statistics

WR Manuel Ballard13100158438
WR Colin Guthrie66080230
TE Richie Gatti53045126
TE Greg Benson54010015
WR Clyde Price33031020
WR Don Anderson220904
TE Angel Wiggins2109013
RB Earnest Mills110609
RB Marvin Roche1103024
San FranciscoTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
WR Jimmy Lane119081137
TE Ivan Sanford116265042
WR Tommie Joyner94064131
RB Troy Olmstead54070225
TE Ty Winters2107014
RB Lamar Burroughs2201028
TE Raymond Gerhardt100008
WR Gabe Gilmore1102024

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

ChicagoAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
Marvin Roche382.673.95
Todd Andreou155.004.00
Earnest Mills133.004.33
San FranciscoAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
Joe Rayford166.004.75
Troy Olmstead155.002.75

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

ChicagoAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Adrian Stadler108606.009.24
San FranciscoAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Joe Rayford63223.676.90

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

ChicagoTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Colin Guthrie33217.0013.33
WR Manuel Ballard33279.0012.15
TE Richie Gatti1000.009.00
TE Angel Wiggins1199.004.50
RB Marvin Roche1133.003.00
TE Greg Benson1000.002.00
San FranciscoTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Jimmy Lane3151.677.36
WR Tommie Joyner1199.007.11
RB Troy Olmstead1000.0014.00
TE Ivan Sanford1188.005.91

Third Down Rushing Statistics

Adrian Stadler10
Marvin Roche11
San FranciscoRushesConversions
Joe Rayford40

Third Down Passing Statistics

Adrian Stadler1085
San FranciscoAttCompConversions
Joe Rayford752

Third Down Receiving Statistics

WR Manuel Ballard642
WR Colin Guthrie222
RB Marvin Roche111
TE Greg Benson110
San FranciscoTargCatchConversions
WR Tommie Joyner211
WR Jimmy Lane221
TE Ty Winters100
WR Gabe Gilmore110
TE Ivan Sanford110

Stadium56,000 (64,500 capacity)
Upper Deck22,400 (22,400)
End Zone7,700 (16,200)
Mezzanine9,300 (9,300)
Sideline Seats14,300 (14,300)
Luxury Boxes2,300 (2,300)